LearnX Day 2 My New Source of Truth Dynamic Video Solutions

Bobby Sharma, Training Specialist from Commonwealth Bank talked about Dynamic Video Solutions and how they implemented it into the bank in particularly around business projects.

The CBA has 52000 employees with a domestic and international presence.  The Dynamic Video Solution (DVS) was brought in as a meansto train wide dispersed group of contractors who need training aligned to the bank’s needs and protocols.


The videos provide just in time demonstrations for common user questions, in an instantaneous medium building towards a library of self help support.  All videos are less than 2 minutes.

The videos sit on the intranet through a list of links (my personal thought is that these are Performance Support Tools for the job).  There is also a counter for views as well as search capability.

When the videos were shown, they were actually sets of simulations that looked like they were developed in Captivate.

These solutions are not new and easily implemented into any organisational business process where you don’t need to create courses or assessments and are purely information or process based.   In my experience, in the last role, I was part of a Mortgage Service Business Transformation Project and we used the same method to capture business processes in Captivate simulations.  The links were then communicated through the intranet page but admittedly we could have used better search or reporting functionality.

1. Develop materials – capture screens in Captivate (he confirmed my suspicions that this was the tool!)
2. Review and Implement –  SMEs review it and approve
3. Upload onto the intranet – ensure the file format is right but keep it simple – short, sharp and simple AND make sure it works on all browsers
4. Channel- rely on the Coaches in the business to promote it in the business and to promote the context

They wanted to create a culture where people say, “Is there a DVS on that?” [Performance Support at its best]

(My blog readers would have seen my previous blog post on “Instructional Coaching” where I implemented a similar approach but I focussed also on the workplace coaches and subject matter experts who had to provide the context and the ‘why’ our mortgage service employees followed a process.  Performance support and job aids are excellent but we shouldn’t forget that employees need to know ‘why’ they process a mortgage application in a certain way and not just simply follow a simulation without knowing why they are doing that way – and the potential impact or risks in not following the process).

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