Learning Design in Australia: Is It Mature Enough?

On Thursday 23 May at 12 -1:00 pm (AEST) I have been invited to be on the panel of a Learning Cafe webinar titled, “Learning Design in Australia: Is It Mature Enough?”

The panel will explore various questions such as:

  • What is the current Learning Design approach and process used in your organisation ?
  • Have we restricted ourselves to simple sequential design frameworks which are inadequate for complex and integrated learning ? Are our Learning Design processes mature and do we keep improving them ?
  • Is Learning Design mostly focussed on compliance or systems training ?
  • Does  the capability of Instruction and Learning Designers need to be enhanced ?
  • Are the change approaches for Learning meeting the needs to be responsive and agile ?
  • What are some of the some of the emerging models of design outside of learning ? Can be borrow from game and social media design ?

I will provide some personal stories and examples around my experience of learning design frameworks we have used in the past with current and previous organisations I have worked for.  What worked and what didn’t and why.

In particularly around the challenges of working in project teams with IT, Business Analysts and Project Managers for systems implementations and and how their expectations were met (or not met) with their Learning teams especially around the different methodologies that teams used such as Waterfall, Agile and challenges trying to mix this with ADDIE.

However, I value your feedback and comments.  Do you have your own stories, blog posts or reflections on learning design in your organisation?  Please feel free to comment.

If anyone in L&D would like to attend the webinar and have their own personal stories of learning design, there is a survey that you can do here.

Hope you can join us!

About Activate Learning Solutions

Helen Blunden is the founder of Activate Learning Solutions and Third Place. She has over 20 years of experience within learning and development across private, public and not-for-profit organisations. With a specialty in performance consulting and networked learning, Helen believes that workplace learning is integral to business success. She has a passion for enabling people to learn beyond the classroom and believes in the power of networks and communities to drive collaboration and meaning within the organisation. From facilitator-led instruction, online and blended, Helen deploys social and informal learning such as enterprise social networking, collaboration tools and emerging technologies that have been proven successful and embedded workplace change.
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