My Day in 10 Pics – or 7…

Two nights ago while reclined in the sofa chair, I surfed my tweets (as you do) and saw that @AndrewJacobsLD  mentioned #mydayin10pics and I thought, “what a brilliant idea, I’m going to do that myself tomorrow!”

Although I like photography, I don’t claim to be a good photographer.  Also, I’m not one of those people who take photos every day but I do appreciate the art.

I thought the task would be easy as I’d quickly fill my quota of 10 photos in my day but in all honesty, I struggled.

So here are my SEVEN photos of Thursday 29 November 2013 – a hot sweltering day in Melbourne where temperatures got up to 40 degrees Celsius (and subsequently caused all sorts of public transport chaos and mayhem).

I woke up at 4am this morning (no, this is not my typical waking time as I’m up usually  around 5am or 6am) and shuffled into the lounge room to surf the internet.  Around 5:30am, I was peckish so made my breakfast of home made bircher muesli with a massive dollop of low fat Greek yoghurt and a cup of hazlenut coffee in my London souvenir mug.  (London is my second favourite city after Melbourne of course!)

Bircher muesli for breakfast

I caught the earlier train into work.  It was a lovely morning and already quite warm. Everyone was getting ready for a stinker of day waiting for the upcoming heatwave.

At the office, I selected an empty desk and proceeded with my usual daily routine.

My first task was to grab some paper towel and wipe down the desk; disinfect the screens; keyboard, mouse and the phone!  Today it took me about 20 mins to set up and be ready for work.  I’m not a fan of flexi-desking because I’m not a fan of cleaning but with flexi-desking, I get to clean every day and my employer pays for my time.

The daily chore of cleaning and disinfecting work spaces.

It was rare that I didn’t have a lunch-time meeting so I took the opportunity to buy some sushi and go and sit in the quiet garden of St Augustine’s Catholic Church.  The church was built around 1869 and it’s a quiet oasis in the hub bub of the city.  On summer days, you can find people taking some respite under its trees but you have to share the space with the homeless people around who will  come and sit next to you and either ask you for your lunch or your money.  Today, was no different.  I sat at the bench and within ten minutes a homeless man sat next to me, lighted a cigarette and asked passers by for money.  For some strange reason, while I was scoffing down a sushi roll, he didn’t ask for my lunch OR money!  (He may not have liked sushi).

St Augustine’s Catholic Church

After returning to the office, the heat was just too much for me so I went downstairs to local Milk Bar (mini-mart for the rest of the world) and got myself a Splice.  These remind me of my childhood.  It cost $2.80 (I recall paying around 50c for one years ago).  It was a pine splice – icy cold on the outside and creamy on the inside.  It was my first Splice this year and it was DELICIOUS.

Splice of Life!

After work, I battled the sweltering heat to get to the train.  As I was going down the escalator, my train arrived and had to bolt to board it.  I needn’t have worried because it ended up taking over 30 minutes to get home today due to signal faults.  The heat caused lots of delays across many lines.  Luckily, the trains are air conditioned so all I did was read my book and just wait until the Metro people did what they have to do and we were back on our way!

My train home…

When I got home, Tigga (one of our cats) was waiting for me and purred ‘Hello’ to me and then went back to her bed and settled in.



Later that night I had gone to dinner with my craft group girlfriends and had a lovely meal at Bombay By Night.  The food was divine as we dined on curries, naan bread and rice and finished the meal with kulfi, an icecream dessert made of pistachio and cardamon.  Just what I needed to finish off the night.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos simply because I felt awkward bringing out my phone when we were all in mid-conversation to take photos of our meal.  Didn’t seem quite right so instead, I lived in the moment.

I got home about 10:30pm and it was still in the mid-30’s.  Found my husband sprawled in his recliner, exasperated with heat and fanning himself with a magazine.  The heat was unbearable. It was going to be a long night so I took off my thongs (or flip flops to some) and took a photo of them…(as you do).

Leather flip flops

Leather flip flops

These were given to me as a gift by my aunt from the beautiful island of Crete.  It was the first time I had worn them but you’re lucky I didn’t take photos of my feet in them. I learned that mistake some time ago when I tweeted I had some foot problem and some weirdo contacted me asking for various “photos of my feet”.  No way, no photos of my feet here…

So overall, this #mydayin10pics was a challenge for me as I didn’t even make it to 10 photos!  Still, it got me thinking today as to how different it would have been and the only change would have been there wouldn’t have been a Splice and I certainly wouldn’t have been wearing those leather flip flops!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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My unique super power is that I see learning experiences in everything I do. #alwayslearning
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