Book Review: The Blended Learning Book by Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin’s book on Blended Learning: Best Practices, Proven Methodologies and Lessons Learned is one that must be in any learning and development professional library or reading list. His approach to blended learning is simplified as he provides practical examples of how to structure and create a blended program. In particularly, he first outlines the six modes of learning and provides supporting examples of the value of experiential learning. From there, he expands into the four principles of corporate training to enable mastery and this allows the reader to start reflecting on their own program approach and what media are needed for each.

He explains the models of blended learning models along with the benefits of each and provides defining features and examples of how they may be used for what particular training purposes. One chapter covers the criteria for selecting the blend and then how to develope the content and finally explaining how a company may manage the roll out and management. He provides checklists and tables at the end of the book that may be used.

Overall, this book is required reading for any learning and development professional who would like to understand the theory and principles of blended learning but also for those implementing and co-ordinating the program due to its high level of practical examples, case studies, tools and checklists.

It is highly recommended.

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